Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Career Decisions for Faithful Readers

TJWriter wants to know:

Should I take the leap to pursue the career path my heart desires?

Without looking at the tarot, Miss Michele can answer this question: Yes. Always pursue your heart's desires.

For greater insight into the situation, and awareness of some of the challenges TJWriter may face in trying to achieve her dreams, Miss Michele relied on the six-card, simplified Celtic Cross spread.

A lot of cups in this reading reveals what the wording of the question also tells us: TJWriter relies on emotions.

Her experience to date is shown by the Five of Swords. TJWriter may have been subjected to humiliation, ridicule or deceit in the recent past. She emerged victorious, but did not feel good about the "win." She was succesful but unfulfilled, so TJWriter began to dream about a different life path.

Putting the past behind her, she has found a support network in her family and friends, as exemplified by the Ten of Pentacles. The emphasis, however, is on major life transitions. A commitment to stay home with children or perhaps just spend more time with loved ones? Family figures prominently.

The near future shows a Major Arcana, the Empress. There's a lot of emphasis on femininity, caregiving, and the realm of emotions in this reading. The Empress shows still more family commitment and may indicate a birth on the horizon. It also could indicate the start of a new business, especially if that business is related to caregiving or creativity. (The birth of a book?) TJWriter is moving from one stage to another.

TJWriter in the environment of the future is shown by the Ace of Cups. More new beginnings! Follow your heart wherever it leads, TJWriter. You are at your best and most successful when you are following your motherly instincts, your heart and emotions.

Once again, the card indicates pregnancy or birth of a new creative venture. Since you asked about a career path, Miss Michele is inclined to say that the "birth" is figurative only... a new book or other creative venture. This is more than just a new client, however... this is a long-term commitment that can change your life! However, Miss Michele would advise you not to ignore your nurturing side... whatever creative venture you attempt, you'll find successful AND fulfillment helping others!

Now is also a good time to remind TJWriter that the future is not set in stone... these cards show only the most probably outcome if you continue on the current path

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's move on to Card 5, the best outcome you can hope for. The Nine of Wands says that, once again, you will be in a position of having to defend yourself and your beliefs. You'll be faced with one last obstacle before victory (and victory will come!) Don't be afraid to demand what's yours. Most importantly, don't change your course of action; the end of the race is near and you will emerge the winner.

Finally, the Outcome, the Ten of Cups. There are few cards in the deck better than this one, which symbolizes joy and harmony, especially in the realm of family life. You're going to have the success you want in your career, which will give you the opportunity to focus on your family. Good relationships--business and personal--are on the horizon.

What a positive reading, it makes Miss Michele feel all warm and fuzzy (oh, wait, that's the cat...sigh)


TJWriter said...

Well, that hit the mark fairly well.

I would like to start an errand business. Something that requires creativity and fulfills my desire to help others. It's an unfilled niche around here.

However, my dad thinks it won't work and I haven't even mentioned it to the husband yet. I'm putting together a solid business plan first.

Plus, I realize that it's unlikely to take off right away, and am planning to get my foot in the door freelancing to supp. the income.

The family thing is right on because my schedule is awful right now and I don't feel as though I spend near enough time with my daughter.

But all this talk of family, birth and maternal instincts has me wondering about whether the question at the back of my mind influenced the question I asked. We're planning to try for a second child soon, and have had a couple of oops moments lately. So, "When?" has become a very prominent thought lately.

Great reading!

TJWriter said...

And Virginia Lee's comments reminded that, alas, I also have left my manners elsewhere.

Thank you so much, Miss Michele!


Dawn Allcot said...

Miss Michele would say, "soon" based on that reading. ;)

I'm glad I was on target in both cases--predicting pregnancy can sometimes freak people out. I'm glad the thoughts came from someplace.

Also, it is entirely possible that the "real" question you wanted to ask was in the back of your mind, and the cards picked up on that.

And you're welcome. ;)

TJWriter said...

It was amazing how double-pronged that response was in regard to the two biggest questions in my life right now.

Enjoyable experience all around. Again, well done!

Kate Boddie said...

I've been lurking here for a little while now and I have to say you do some good reads on the cards. I've been an avid believer in the cards for quite some time now and I'm always interested in interpretations. If it's ok, I'd like to pose a question to you--

I've always been rather scattered, hopping from project to project. While it's all in the same realm, I never really finished anything major. As of late, things have been starting to fall into place, albeit slowly and I wanted to know if I've finally found my track. Am I headed down the right path? Are my aspirations where they should be? I guess I'm looking for some guidance so I don't feel like I'm shooting in the dark. A lot of this plays into my own self-doubt but the rest still warrants the guidance I think it, and I, need.

Anything you could provide I would be forever grateful for.

Dawn Allcot said...

Hey, Boddie,
Love your blog. :) Seriously, I'm so happy to see you here because I'm actually a big fan. [blush]

Let Miss Michele clear her mind a bit and she will see what the cards say about your situation. :)

Kate Boddie said...

Holy crap! My first admitted big fan! Woohoo! You rock! Heehee...I have a big fan! *blush* :) I can't wait to read what the cards have to say1