Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Regular Visitor Poses a Difficult Question

Joanna Sandsmark asks:
I want to know if what I'm doing now is going to get my professional life back on track or am I driving down a blind alley headed for more disappointment?

First, Miss Michele would like to thank Joanna for visiting and commenting. She noticed Joanne over at Miss Michele's not-so-secret identity's blog, It Had to Be Said and appreciates it! :)

A little background for our readers. (Since Miss Michele already knew this, it seems fair to share). Joanna is an accomplished author, with multiple titles to her name. (Including books about cats and runes! YAY!) You can check them out at her blog, Life in the Middle.

Still a member of the "book-less" freelance writing community, Miss Michele, and her not-so-secret identity!, hold in great esteem anyone who has completed a book--AND had it published.

Without digressing too much, Joanna's question was a bit of a reality check for me (wearing my writer hat, rather than my psychic hat!) I've always felt once a writer published a book, she'd "made it." Rationally, I know that's not true--there's promotions, marketing, and one book usually can't sustain a writer, financially speaking, for her whole life.

Even multi-published authors can have "rough years." Let's ask the cards if Joanna is on the right track and if 2008 will be any better for her, professionally.

The Two of Cups, when referring to career, indicates a mutually beneficial contract or partnership in the past.

In the present, we move on to the only major arcana card in this reading, indicating major, life-changing events are occurring right now or are just about to. The Chariot indicates conflicting thoughts and feelings. Joanna is on the cusp of a major career decision, and she needs to make that decision and stick with it--stay the course.

The prevalence of two fours, a five and a seven in this reading indicate a struggle that upsets the status quo. In the great life cycle, Joanne is in the middle of a phase--no culmination yet!

Looking at the Hidden Influences, Joanna is just plain tired! The Four of Swords indicates a need and desire for rest, vacation, or even a possible illness that puts Joanne at a standstill for a time. She should use this time to re-group, re-charge and re-energize in order to face the challenges ahead.

The advice the tarot offers, in the fourth slot of this reading, is to not overextend yourself. Don't get trapped in a deal that you feel may not be in your best interests. This is shown by the Five of Pentacles, the "poverty" card.

It appears from this reading that there are two paths before Joanne: one, if she sticks with it, will lead to happiness and prosperity, but the other will lead to burnout, bad business deals, and financial strain. Let's draw a clarification card to find a hint as to which path is which.

Another "money" card... this time, the lovely Queen of Pentacles. And it is becoming clear to Miss Michele. One prospect will offer steady income, as well as a chance to nurture your feminine, caring side, focus on family, and use your great creative talents.

The other will make false promises, and will offer all sorts of constraints, sucking up your time and energy.

Select the job which speaks to your heart, talents and strengths. Trust your intuition, which will be in top working form after your rest (which will hopefully be self-imposed and not forced!)

The Outcome, the Four of Pentacles, shows a return to that peaceful "holding" state of security and knowledge. You'll once again find financial security and ownership of a project. You'll also be nurturing your creative side and your talents--overall, a fulfilling path!

Stay your path! You may be offered something else that will *seem* more attractive in the short run, but you had the right idea the first time!


Joanna Sandsmark said...

Wow, that is exactly where I am right now. Some big set-backs, some desperation, lots of poverty, some health issues, and needing to know if I'm on the right path. You've given me a lot to think about. I am very grateful. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Dawn Allcot said...

It's so interesting to see how the cards make even more sense once the querent confirms with certain details.

If you are facing health issues, please take care of yourself and get that rest you need before you don't have a choice in it. (It's so much better to be able to rest when you can enjoy it a little bit...)

heartchakra said...

I'm a friend of Joanna's and I am blown away with how accurate your reading was for her. I am struggling with similar issues. In my case, I am a book designer and published writer struggling with debt and trying to find work. My degree is in fine arts, something I left behind a long time ago and never fully embraced. I would like to go into illustration, while continuing to write and design, as a way to reconnect with that side of myself. I am wondering if illustration is the right path for me.

Anonymous said...

When you do readings can you use a "Reading Code" from a site like so we can see (or re-create) your spread for ourselves?

I think they have a 3 card setting as I remember...

Love the readings!